It has been a long time since I have had any desire or perhaps any reason to write about MPS. For a long time, I have felt that talking about the subject is beyond the dead horse. I have always believed there are those who do it right and those who do it wrong. That it is essentially simple. For months now I have not chimed in about this industry or the players within it and for the most part, I had no intentions of doing so.

In light of reflecting on the past year, this has changed.

I can not ignore the fact that chaos is breaking out across political, military and social dynamics in many of the worlds super powers and smaller countries alike. Terrorist attacks and the horrors of gun related tragedy are commonly found in the headlines of both mainstream and alternative news networks daily content.

The world is burning…

Expert Laser Services Makes DOTC: The Book!

Guess who’s back?

That’s right folks I, Nathan Dube have returned! (at least for the moment and possibly longer). So where have I been you ask? Selling MPS and (GASP) copiers! Crazy eh, Greg? Well to be fair, it’s mostly A4 MFPs which are selling like hotcakes….

So why post now? Do I have new industry relevant prophetic views of the times we live in and the times to come? Am I returning from the shadows to destroy more printers? Well…


I am simply popping in to say hello and THANK YOU to the man, the myth and legend himself Mr. Greg Walters! I must admit, I only just purchased his book (pictured above) recently and was charmed to find that my blog is listed as suggested reading and I am listed as a “Leopard” which if you are familiar with DOTC you will understand, if not… BUY the book!

No really, buy it. Greg’s content always has been cutting edge and ahead of the curve while also being quite hilarious, provocative and borderline offensive (at times). All things that drew me to the death of the copier blog in the first place.

Greg is by far one of the (if not THE) greatest minds in MPS and the realm of office imaging professionals in general. If you are currently in and/or are planning to enter the MPS industry, this is a must read. End of story.

As for me, well… I said everything I wanted to about MPS in the content of this blog in posts past and until something new comes along I will not simply write to just meet the expected three posts per month that “professional” bloggers are called to manifest.

When I have content worth sharing, it will pop up. Furthermore, you may see posts from additional authors here should things proceed the way I think they should.

Hoping you are all well and wishing you a happy holiday season!

New Building Boosts Printer Management Company

To keep pace with their cost-per-copy managed print services contract business, Southbridge-based Expert Laser Services has just completed the renovation and move into their new 12,000 sq. ft. plant in Southbridge.

Managed Print Services” (MPS) has become a business technology buzz-word over the past 6-8 years, referring to cost-control efforts many companies are making to reduce overall office printing expenses, and to lesson the environmental impact of print devices, etc. Expert Laser was a pioneer of MPS, offering printer fleet management programs since 1994.

Can a new facility improve end-user experience? Company founder and CEO Luke Carpentier thinks so: “Our new building enhances every aspect of our operation—especially areas like warehousing and the daily loading of our tech vans. But there are efficiency gains all around the plant. Plus, it’s a great booster of pride and morale.”

I think our customers will be positively—and noticeably—impacted.”

Worcester Business Journal

Printing Company ‘Recycles’ DPW Garage

By Sandy Meindersma

Southbridge building bought from town

Mike Carpenter president of Expert Laser Services is shown at the former Southbridge public works garage.
Mike Carpenter president of Expert Laser Services is shown at the former Southbridge public works garage.

The new owners of the town’s former public works garage know a thing or two about recycling, but usually on a much smaller scale.

Expert Laser Services re­cently bought the former garage at 62 Pleasant St., and is convert­ing it into usable space for man­ufacturing, sales and customer service operations.

The company, which pro­vides printing services to companies and recycles laser printer car­tridges, pur­chased the building for $130,000. The
renovation project is ex­pected to cost more than twice the pur­chase price.

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Expert Laser Services – A Managed Print Services Veteran

Expert Laser Services, based in New England in the USA, provides its own managed print services program (PrintDOME) as well as its own line of top quality, fully remanufactured toner cartridges. MPS has become a hot topic of late, but this company has been doing it for 15 years.
This is their story…

The company was founded by CEO Luke Carpentier, and was started in the basement of his home in 1990. Luke would remanufacture toner cartridges by hand one at a time and sell his product door-to-door, while also offering printer repair service to his potential customers. Slowly Luke was
able to build a clientele by standing behind his product and services, building a network of satisfied customers as a database of references to gain new clients.

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A Win Win Arrangement for Expert Laser

By Clark Howell – Howell Marketing
Tri-community Area Chamber of Commerce “Crossroads”

2005 was an exciting year for the employees of Expert Laser in Southbridge, MA. That was the year that the company instituted a unique ownership arrangement, opening up a new era for Expert Laser employees. As expected by management, this new arrangement has spurred the long-time dealer of printers and inks onto very good things and has increased growth. The new arrangement is called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and it places the ownership of the company – as well as the overall bottom line – squarely on the plates of the employees. For Expert Laser, this has turned out to be a win-win for everyone involved.
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End-Of-Year Financial News Is All Bullish For Employee-Owners

Wednesday didn’t appear on anyone’s calendar as a holiday, but for the employees of Expert Laser Services of Southbridge, gathering at Rom’s Restaurant in Sturbridge, Wednesday was both a holiday and a celebration.

Workers at Expert Laser have heard all the boom and bust forecasts accompanying the many end-of-fiscal-year and tax-time financial reports, but their 2005 year-end news gives them reason to party. That’s because it marks the end of Expert Laser’s initial year as an “ESOP” (i.e. a company with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan). And, in an ESOP, each end-of-year means a stock distribution.

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‘A Win All Around’

ESOP gives Southbridge firm’s employee-owners a bigger stake

by John Dignam

Expert Laser Services Inc. CEO Luke J. Carpentier, right, sits in the foreground as Production Manager Richard L’Heureux and technician Judith E. Tryba work at the Southbridge company earlier this week
Expert Laser Services Inc. CEO Luke J. Carpentier, right, sits in the foreground as Production Manager Richard L’Heureux and technician Judith E. Tryba work at the Southbridge company earlier this week.

As he began thinking about the future of his
company without him, Luke J. Carpentier remembers, he was hearing news reports about company buyouts and lost jobs, new management
and ruinous changes.

“I didn’t want it to happen here,” said Mr. Carpentier, 50, owner of
Expert Laser Services Inc. “I couldn’t let it go to somebody who could possibly destroy it, to a new management that would change the rules.”
On March 12, he fnalized the sale of the company to people he is confdent will keep it moving forward— his employees.

Expert Laser Services, with 22 employees, has become one of an
estimated 10,000 companies in the country with employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs, which allow workers to become the owners of
their companies.

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