Expert Laser Man: The Video Game – (WIN $500!)

Expert Laser Man

We are beyond excited to release our VIDEO GAME, Expert Laser Man!

You can play for free, as many times as you want… CLICK HERE TO PLAY.

Everytime you beat the game, you will be prompted to enter your full name, e-mail and company name. By doing so, you will be entered into a sweepstakes for a cash prize of $500.

The more times you play and beat the game, the higher the probability that you will win the $500...

The sweepstakes will be open to all players in the USA from March 16, 2018 until June 15, 2018. The winner will be notified via email on Monday, June 19, 2018.

The game is open to play for free internationally, but the sweepstakes is limited to players in the USA.

Here is the synopsis of the game:

“Rogue printers, copiers and scanners become sentient through artificial intelligence gone awry and begin to attack people in the office building where they work. The protagonist, “Expert Laser Man”, is the head of the IT department. He bravely arms himself with a laser blaster and works his way through the office building, destroying the sentient printers until finally he fights a giant mechanized copier boss at the end of the game.”

So, grab your laser blaster, and get to destroying some printers!

Video Game Controls:

A-D moves Left-Right, S Ducks, Space Jumps, Left Mouse Click Shoots.

Troubleshooting: Users using a touchpad- If you cant fire while crouching, running or jumping, set the sensitivity on your touchpad on your laptop to highest sensitivity.