Give your printers a vacation!

Aren’t we all glad that there is a time of sleep at the end of each day, a time of rest and recreation (re-creation!) at the end of each week, and times of holidays and vacations throughout each year? These opportunities for peace and quiet are sprinkled like a tempting topping changing the daily bread of our lives into something special.
Off-time recharges us! Like hitting a reset button on an appliance, pulling the plug on the busy-ness of our lives gives us a fresh start and a renewed zeal for the work we wake up to.
Guess what? It works with machines, too!
According to experts, switching off computerized equipment can even make them last longer (just like rest does for people!) On top of that, computers in general run better if you reboot regularly (again, just like us).
Champions of energy savings recommend turning off all office equipment, including copiers, printers and scanners every chance we get. So do budget-watchers. (There is real money being wasted!) Office imaging devices, especially printers and copiers, are high on the list of worst wasters when it comes to energy used while idle.
So shut them down. Give them a vacation … and the weekend off … and a good night’s sleep.
Just as with well-rested employees, your business will enjoy the benefits.